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10 histoire à comprendre par Purusha Hontoy

10 stories to understand

Ebook PDF and EPUB download.


MORE THAN 1000 sold (in books) !


Let's put a little humor into our letting go!

These 10 stories are funny, full of wisdom and above all, instructive!

Let's learn to leave our own mental machinations, our painful harmful habits, our useless loves and especially to make room for our dreams and to be happier!


Books of 90 pages.



I read this book with pleasure and smiles! I keep it on my night table and I confess that I read these stories and tell them to my grandsons! Thank you! (Thèrèse)

AHAHAH! I love you in conference and I find you in this book written with so much wisdom and humor! Thank you. ( François)

These allegories are zany but so appropriate! Could you write others on politics! Perhaps that would also give us food for thought! Thank you. ( Geneviève)

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