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Mieux comprendre et gérer son deuil par Purusha Hontoy

Better understand and manage your grief

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This book to better understand and deal with grief will give you tools to get through the difficult passages of life.


When all your life, you have given the consolation of grief.

When more than 3000 people have trusted you in grief and death counselling or in workshops and conferences on grief.

Then it's time to write a book to relieve the suffering caused by grief, loss and separation.


The tools to find peace are detailed so that you can practice them by yourself.


An easy to understand book leading to reflection and technical and practical meditations.


Whether you are a bereavement worker, a dying person, a caregiver or want to learn more about dealing with loss, you will love this book of tools for dealing with grief.

I have developed these tools with my clients who consult me for their grief, changes and choices.


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