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Purusha School of Spiritual Awareness

Cécile-Purusha Hontoy

Teacher, life counselor, psychopractitioner, yogi, seasoned, lively speaker and uplifting author!

I am a teacher.
I hold a teaching permit (Bacc. UQAM 1982). 
I love teaching and I am passionate about this profession.
It's with others that we win.


I set up training courses, workshops, seminars and classes for:yoga meditation, transpersonal creativity, dance movements. All this for youdo good and help youget better, to find themeaning of your life and return toSacred worldby developing a shamanic vision of today.  


Master in anthropology of religions (UQAM 1992), I did research on human behavior and methods of well-being with the lifting of mourning, therechange management and holistic shaping.

Entrepreneur, I created my own school.
I offer my experiences in the field of leadershipin training forrecognized yoga teachers (FFY).

A two-year training inpersonal growthand inpsycho-practice is also offered.


I use thelife toolsand ways of living inmotivation to offer advice and resolve issues with thechange management.

I developed alife rich in knowledge and experience and I became oneleader of change.

I express all this in mycourse,workshops, seminarsyogaand ofpersonal growth.

My big dream


I had a big dream while I was sequestered in 1979. I had the dream of founding cohorts, groups of men and women who, through the same path of consciousness, would strengthen their friendship! Then we would no longer be alone ! So, we would be important to at least one person! And this would make us escape from difficult situations more quickly and would no longer accept disrespect towards ourselves.  

My sacred mission


My sacred life mission was highlighted in 1992, when I took the habit of Sannyasin and this initiation was and still is the most beautiful and great moment of my life!  Indeed, today, this sacred mission inhabits me entirely wherever I am and whatever I live.

  • As an initiator yogui I offer training open to the world of the sacred.

  • As a ritualist anthropologist (Master's degree in religious anthropology UQAM 1992) I propose to confirm this notion of the sacred through real rituals with oneself and with others.

  • As a university teacher (UQAM 1982) and professional coach in solution approaches (CQPNL 2022) through private and group meetings allowing awareness and lasting changes and creating interior and exterior spaces of freedom and personal well-being.

  • Indeed, I use different trans-personal creative tools gained and especially understood in my training in trans-personal psychology for more than 5 years through the encounter with nature and several vision quests, art, play sand, poetry and automatic writing. I also learned conscious entry and exit in the effect of deep and semi-deep hypnotic trance.

  • Finally, my experience of conscious life is also signed by the philosophy of all yogas, Raja yoga (The yoga of the posture of thought).

My expertise

My expertise is a 40-year career in personal encounters, motivation with youth, personal care and the creation of original workshops and continuing education for all ages, according to testimonies leading to lasting well-being and to the world of the sacred within oneself.

The Purusha school's expertise in the art of living therefore lies in extraordinary educational tools delivered in a continuous creative resourcing leading to the rediscovery of oneself and one's real abilities at all levels.

What follows is the resilience of mourning and letting go, deep understanding of the infinite Consciousness

and the urgency of personal well-being, both internal and external.

It also follows positive leadership asserted within his company, his family and his friendships.

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