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Swami Purushananda ( Cécile Hontoy)


Discover the Purusha Art of Living:
The School of Personal and Spiritual Transformation

The Purusha School of Swami Purushananda offers you a path to spiritual awakening and personal well-being. With an approach based on decades of experience, Purusha offers training based on the art of conscious living, Hatha Yoga classes and individual coaching.


Its mission is to support you in your quest for inner serenity, harmony and personal development through enriching practices.

Join the Purusha Art of Living school to explore your potential and experience a profound transformation.


Yoga and Meditation Purusha School

Swami Purushananda,  Yoga trainer has been teaching meditation and Hatha Yoga since 1982. Yoga classes are in person or online.


Continuous spiritual formation in nature Purusha school

The Purusha school offers continuing group training.  They lead  to self-esteem, resilience, change, adaptation and excellence. 


swami purushanandaji, professional yoga and meditation trainer

Swami Purushananda offers coaching for adults, children and adolescents, emphasizing that "when the head, the heart and the body are in agreement, everything goes much better!"

Eau claire

The school of well-being and
the art of conscious living

In 1992, the founder embraced her life mission by becoming a Sannyasin, marking the beginning of a journey dedicated to inner fulfillment and the transmission of ancient wisdom.

Offering training accessible to all, the school is distinguished by a holistic approach that integrates yoga, anthropological ritualization, and innovative teaching methods. With a master's degree in religious anthropology from UQAM and a career of more than 40 years in motivation, coaching and teaching, Swami Purushananda brings a unique depth to his teachings.

The school's programs encourage self-rediscovery through creative and transpersonal tools, such as art, sandplay, and poetry, enriched by yoga philosophy and hypnotic trance techniques. These practices aim to promote self-esteem, resilience, and lasting well-being, by cultivating positive leadership in all aspects of life.

The Purusha School is therefore an exceptional place of learning for those who seek to integrate the sacred into their daily lives, offering a path to personal excellence, creative adaptation, and profound positive change.

The Purusha School, founded by Swami Purushananda (Cécile Hontoy), combines expertise and passion for the personal and spiritual well-being of everyone.


"I invite you to follow a classic path, that of lasting happiness. Not an imaginary happiness forgetful of the painful circumstances of life but rather a happiness which turns towards positive action understands them and hears the wisdom that these difficult moments give us. learn about ourselves, life, the world.  


In these troubled times, it is  the best I have to offer you.  Find or confirm your self-esteem, meet your excellence and validate it, enter into resilience, adaptation and opt for change. These are the tools I use  to direct my own life, to develop my will and remain in the open state of creative resilience.

These are also the same tools that I have been teaching successfully for over 40 years in individual coaching and group workshops."

Swami Purushananda




Since 1994, the training offered by Purusha aims to awaken hidden inner powers, transforming participants into warriors capable of inspiring change in others.


Major themes covered include:

  • self-esteem,

  • resilience,

  • the capacity for change,

  • adaptation, 

  • the search for excellence.


By turning to nature and our own creative potential, the training encourages us to regain confidence and self-esteem.

Dates to remember

  • March 15: Tame the mind

  • May 3: Taking care of your soul

  • May 25: Youth consciousness movements of the mind and body

  • June 7: Mandala, meditative principles

  • July 26: Shamanic initiatory retreat

  • September 19: Open heart

  • Oct 5: Warrior Meditation

  • Nov. 15: The mask ball

Purusha's resources
Blog & video & Online Store

Live your life consciously

Swami Purushananda (Cécile Hontoy) encourages you to live your life consciously. To do this, she offers you a simple exercise. Divide a sheet in two... Choosing the Good and the Good is nourishing.

The online store

Online store for mindfulness spiritual awakening with audios and ebooks filled with techniques to promote your well-being:

  • Guided relaxations and meditations

  • Mantras

  • Conferences and teachings

  • Ebook

Geo Lafrenie

I learned from this seminar on resilience the importance of taking responsibility for myself, of accepting, of forgiving myself and others.

What particularly helped me was team work and good guidance from your experience.  One person (Carole) helped me a lot because we had several common visions and experiences.

What I particularly liked in your approach is first of all your experience, your animation and your psychology.

Thank you for everything!


Catherine Berry

I remember:  Self-esteem, confidence, to prioritize which does not mean giving up.  Project yourself into the future by always creating projects.  Remembering the sacred within us.  Very nice encounters, people of heart who allow themselves to be vulnerable.

What helped me: Not a particular theme but a bit of everything in the weekend segments.

Your approach: Your human approach, clarity of words, omnipresent spirituality.  Not a lecture but interactive.  Lots of humility.


Andrée Prudho

  I leave with the intention of speaking to Joanie about my project.

I remember the exchanges I had with others and which helped me to see differently. I feel grounded and in harmony with myself.

What helped me were the sentences we saw on Saturday morning.  They made me think.

What I like about your approach is your creativity and your ability to ask us the right questions.


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