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Change your frequency and get the best out of yourself

This workshop is the introduction to a two and a half day seminar dedicated to the learning of conscious breathing techniques associated with Kriya yoga. These breathing techniques are presented as exclusive meditations.

Kriya yoga is a true gift of life to offer yourself or to offer.

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You will learn 5 important life keys

  1. Helping others better
  2. Renewing inspiration and creativity 

  3. Finding your luminous self

  4. Living better with change

  5. Become a magician of Life

1st key: Help others better

Out of resources?

In my classroom, in my teaching, in my groups and in my personal encounters, I no longer know how to help my students, my mourners, my loved ones, my family to get a grip on their stress, their grief, their human problems and their life passage. Will this seminar help me find effective solutions?

Answer from Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, KRIYA YOGA trainer

The different steps of the training will make you understand and learn in a factual and accessible way the techniques of breathing and certain movements of the body allowing a quick return to oneself facilitating the management of stress, changes, grief and letting go.

Témoignage formation spirituelle École Purusha

Jocelyne Desbiens

En ces temps de grands bouleversements dans ma vie, je me dis encore:

Quelle chance d'avoir appris cette technique, que dis-je, ces techniques et cette forme de méditation !  Non seulement c'est bon pour moi, mais c'est toute ma famille qui en profite. Merci.

2nd key: Renew inspiration and creativity

Out of ressources?

 I have trouble finding new and interesting resources. I have to let go but I can't get a grip on anything else! I am looking for a solution that would come from me, from my inner self! I would like to discover my own way to make a difference in my teaching work, in my yoga classes and in my leisure activities.

Answer from Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, KRIYA YOGA trainer

I can only give you an answer from myself. Initiated as a Master in 1999 to this technique, I draw all my inspirations from it: teachings of my numerous classes in yoga and meditations, renewal of my group courses in all the province, knowledge and creativity, see on this subject my site www.purushapeintre.

Témoignage formation spirituelle École Purusha

Christine Hontoy

 Even today, I have to tell you, returning to Kriya yoga has lifted me above my issues. So, like the bird I have really seen where I am in my life and what I need to do now with my accounting office and my personal life.

Thank you

3rd key: Find your luminous self

Looking for a spiritual path?

 I have been searching for a spiritual path for some time. It would allow me to integrate meditative techniques into my daily life. I know that there are several. But I would like to find the one that would make me joyful, happy to live and apply with wisdom the grounded, understandable, open and humane teachings of wellness.

Answer from Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, KRIYA YOGA trainer

 The entire Kriya Yoga training is applicable to everyday life. It does not ask you to let go of your life but rather to deepen all its positive, creative and joyful aspects.

The techniques learned will charm you by their ease and their connection with the conscious life anchored in the physical body.

Témoignage formation spirituelle École Purusha

Maryse Bourgeois

  It was a wonderful class for me. I learned to refocus on myself. I didn't realize how much fun it is to play while learning and create while learning to breathe. I found myself, awakened and founda beautiful light that never wants to leave me!

Thank you

4th key: Live better with changes


Out of breath in this ever-changing world?

  I don't know anymore how to settle somewhere, in a job or a life perspective without change, I would like to find an inner stability, keep control and consciously choose the real changes I want to make in my life to be happier.


Answer from Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, KRIYA YOGA trainer

 Breathing is the answer to your question. But how do you really become aware of it? How do you inhabit it enough to keep control of it? That's what we'll learn this weekend.

Témoignage formation spirituelle École Purusha

Danielle Bolduc

Two of us came to your appointment. Me and the other one, the one who wants to control in me. And we made peace!  I realized that I need to be in control but that I can have fun too. I use this technique every day and I feel more and more unified.


5th key: Become a life magician

I no longer know how to open myself to the magic of life?

 Life is difficult! Of course it is. I read and see many messages that seem to say the opposite. But I believe that luck or bad luck is Karma and I don't really think about the magic of life, about the happy chance of meeting people.  I have felt lifted and carried before.

But today, maybe I have lost Faith and Hope? Some mornings I ask myself, if it is worth living and having projects, dreams of life?

Answer from Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, KRIYA YOGA trainer

I have been teaching this seminar and many other group trainings since 1995. I can assure you that more than 2000 people have found, by my side, what you seem to have lost: the Faith that lifts mountains, the star that guides, and the Hope for a better tomorrow.

Moreover, all the teaching of these simple techniques and movements favoring the breaths of life, has for objective to free you from negative Karma and to re-learn youto freely choose your life on the wings of Faith in Life.

Témoignage formation spirituelle École Purusha

 Un Groupe

We can say this:

It looks like a lot of things are now different for the group. A third eye seems to have been opened for some of us! Some say they may have an extra lobe to their lungs.
Others admit to having new words for newly felt things. One admits to tasting the green of the leaves and another to seeing, in the light, the path of the winds. We are all delighted and we hope to keep this trans-personal state for a long time. Indeed, it opens us to this magic dimension of the soul of the World. Thank you from all of us.

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