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Yogic Breathing

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Getting back to sleep is possible! Here is an exceptional tool to counter insomnia that I talk about in my yoga classes, trainings and wellness workshops.

Indeed, the regular practice of full yogic breathing allows you to reconnect with inner peace, calm and relaxation.


When I explain the yogic breathing technique, I also like to explain the swimmer's technique!


Having swum competitively for many years, I know what I am talking about!


The swimmer dips his dominant arm and his breathing begins. He will turn his head every two or three or four strokes of his arm in order to get air at the bottom of the water. Through training, his body learns to get rid of the hydrogen completely to better fill itself with oxygen completely! Thus, the muscles can work hard and long.


Knowing how to draw in air and expel it is a big part of the endurance art of a good swimmer.


It is also the primary skill of a practicing yogi!


When we know the art of yogic breathing, in the sense that we know how to apply it, we feel supported from within. Thus our tensions are relieved and we relax.


Our nights of negative stress are transformed into well-deserved rest.


It is easy and simple to learn the complete yogic breathing. However, as with all exercises, it takes a certain discipline to practice it regularly.


Here are some psycho-practical tips on this insomnia-helping breath that I offer to my students in my classes, workshops and conferences.


1: Inhale by inflating the belly first.

2: Breathe deeper into your chest, with your ribs floating.

3: bring the air up to the clavicles

4: then go down the opposite way

5: practice ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening for at least 21 days!


In fact, it is not a question of fighting insomnia but rather of allying ourselves with our breathing to find our inner calm. Then sleep returns naturally.


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