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The monk and the secrets of Death

The monk and the secrets of Death

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This book on understanding and dealing with grief will give you the tools to get through the difficult passages of life.


Cécile-Purusha Hontoy (Swami Purushanandaji) presents her shamanic experiences with death, the dying and the deceased. As a companion and natural helper, dozens of people have made their Great Passage of Death with her.


As an anthropologist, she has studied the beliefs on life after death of the great religions. She is inspired by their mythologies to make you live page after page a magical but deeply truthful adventure.


As a shaman, Swami Purushananda uses symbolic and pictorial language to help you understand the bardos, the different places in the land of death.

The book will interest you if you are looking for a better understanding of how life after death is really possible. You will read the chapters as if it were a novel. Yet all these experiences are really real.


The medium sees and communicates with the dead. The shaman lives with them, teaches them, guides them to the light. The gift is grandiose, extra-sensible, authentic.

  • This book gave me chills from beginning to end. Thank you. (Jeanne)
  • This book has comforted me. I know and understand more about the Great Passage.
  • This book has brought me a blessing. Yes, I feel blessed. I am no longer afraid of death! Thank you. (Henriette)
  • I don't know if all this is true. But I see that you write really well. It is captivating! ( B)
  • I am overwhelmed by your experiences with death. It made me cry.
  • I will never see death in the same way again. Your contribution is great. (Françoise)


This book is in its second edition and its second thousandth sold.

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