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Méditation et visualisation par Purusha Hontoy
  • Meditation, the 4 rituals

    4 audio files to download that speak directly to you about meditation and guide you at the same time. 120Mb


    The 4 rituals are 4 meditations and visualizations guided by Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, meditation teacher since 1982.


    Water Meditation:

    The element of water purifies, cleanses, transforms, enlivens.

    Listen and experience this meditation while replenishing the Energy.


    Wind Meditation:

    The element of wind instills letting go and lightness.

    Listen to this meditation and learn to let go to reconnect with your dreams and The Hope to achieve them.


    Fire Meditation:

    The Fire Element burns away the negative like recurring bad feelings.

    Through this meditation visualize the clarity, the light that cleanses your anger, bitterness, sadness, worries.


    Earth meditation:

    The earth element anchors, solidifies, energizes and reconnects with the power of life.

    This meditation and visualization proposes to you to connect with the essential and to find your personal Power


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