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Devenir son propre maïtre


Emerging from ancient times, a friend who does good, reached out to me and whispered "come".

Was it a mirage or rather a wise woman who so gently invited me to follow the flow!

It was only natural to accept her rituals and, like a minstrel, follow the whole procession. My fate is tied to the less traveled path, my mission has been given to me and I will honor it. I call her Purusha my yoga master, in actions and thoughts, she guides my steps and in her, I have faith. Thank you for simply being "you".


You can imagine strings around shapes. These strings represent the conceptual world, the closed world of materiality.

You can imagine strings around all concepts. These strings represent the conceptual world, the closed world of formal materiality. Human life directed towards the sacred knowledge of the Self allows one to become aware of the strings and thus to untie them.

Illusion is a word for the one who dreams. However, at the center of the process, in surrender to the Self, illusion is a mere concept, just like reality for that matter. Swami Purushananda



We had Madame Cécile over three times for Workshops.

Zen at work… despite everything (June 2019)

Training on attitudes: Attitude determines altitude (November 2019)

Zen at work and State of crisis (COVID-19) (June 2020)

This lady knows how to speak to people with exceptional fluidity. She manages to make us understand the message she wants to convey through imagery. Her workshops are dynamic and lively, she is funny and touching at the same time. The workshops took place at work but are just as applicable at home. She makes us aware of our environment, the people around us, and how we can improve our outlook on life.

All the employees of National Silicates who had the chance to participate in the workshops unanimously agree that the workshops have made us grow.

There will surely be a continuation to our collaboration with this lady, and it is certain that we will continue to have her for other upcoming workshops.

I eagerly suggest you not hesitate to invite Madame Purusha to your company. You will come out winners.

Patricia Matte

Health Safety Committee

National Silicates / Valleyfield

In two years, you have given me the tools to find myself. Finding oneself affects everyone. I am starting school in Toronto in April to help with end-of-life care. I am working and earning $20 an hour. I am going to be the manager of an art gallery! Me? Is that possible?

I write poems. I am immersed in creativity. It's all thanks to you!

I share my dreams and sometimes it changes people's lives. I dance. Yes, I dance alone but also with my family. I have given up eating too much sugar. I am telling you all this, Purusha, because it's thanks to you all these incredible changes have happened. Yes, I did the reflective work, but it wouldn't have been possible without a good teacher. Our meeting was not an accident.


Your lessons, your words, your speeches are with me every day, and I continuously use what you've taught me. Yes, I keep my candle burning, and in my little corner of the country, it now illuminates my family and also many people. I love you very much and thank you for all of this!



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