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Fri, Apr 14




We agree that caring for the soul is essential! But how do you go about becoming your own master? Which method to choose? How to understand our guides, our dreams, and the invisible world that wants us happy and joyful?

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Date and location

Apr 14, 2023, 4:30 PM – Apr 16, 2023, 2:30 AM

Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, 1905 Chem. 6e Rang, Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC J0T 2J0, Canada

About the event

The parameters of eco-shamanism are clear. In our earthly incarnation we have 5 bodies. These 5 dimensions of being need our care. Tarot cards, mediumship, perfect synchronicities, twin souls, mirrors, correspondences, soul families, all these tools speak to the 5 bodies.


You will see how to choose a totem in accordance with your essence and the spiritual guidance of the spirits and how to refer to its symbolism in everyday life. You will put it in the center of your heart. And in the song of your drum, you will give it life. The shaman in you will then awaken. In the center of the symbols you will discover that everything is ONE!


And what can we expect from a person who awakens his totemic and shamanic power and sees that everything is ONE?

We see them in esteem and confidence in themselves, in esteem and confidence in their identity of giftedness and excellence, and in confidence and good agreements with the universe and their past lives and those to come. She will transform into her best self for this life and she will quickly reach her level of spiritual excellence. We perceive her as intuitive, open, well organized. We know her to be genuine and willing. We see her dancing in the world with her own ambitions but for the Good of the many.



Testimony on the training in eco-chamanism:


I want to thank you for this beautiful stay. I got up to write you what I thought. Thank you for the beautiful moving meditation yesterday morning. I thought I knew my body very well indeed, I know it very well but in the context of the hectic life. I know it in speed. I have been to its limits. I know it in the mad rush of everyday life. I have gone beyond my limits! Now there are other dimensions where I know him very little and even not at all. My objective at the end of this training was to find who I was; the lost Johanne! She was always there but hidden! Thank you for helping me to bring her out,


In April, during the burning of our wounds, I cried a lot. Tears of liberation, from within the heart. Last night, it rained, the tears came from the sky on my whole person like a baptism, a birth, a renewal, a continuity. Thank you for all the awareness. I knew but much was hidden. Thank you for the new knowledge acquired.


Thank you for your listening. I am impressed with your quick thinking! As an athlete, I have exploited the vivacity of my body and now I am able to exploit the spirit! I have noticed that my senses are sharper. When the moon came out of the clouds on the walk, I jumped up and looked back to see what was shining like that. It was the moonlight behind me!


This week, I made space in my heart, in my head now and in the daily life; space and time to put in order because Everything is in order!



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