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cours de hatha yoga Purusha École Purusha


For trainers and coaches
millennia-old anti-stress techniques at your fingertips!


Choosing to be trained and mentored by a sannyasin yogi initiator from the Saraswati lineage
and Chankara lineage, entrepreneur, shaman with 40 years of teaching experience
is certainly a winning choice!

The Hatha Yoga practiced by Swami Purushananda is special. Having taught Hatha Yoga in Rishiskest (India) in the 1980's, Swami Purushanandaji has made it the cornerstone of her business, which is centered on Good and Well, wellness, anti-stress and the great qualities and values of Patanjali since 1982. She adapts Hatha Yoga for the well-being of her vast clientele. Her yoga dances from the outside and makes the being dance from the inside! In the spirit of Qi Gong, each asana (posture) stands out as a silent sacred teaching in motion that prunes, strengthens and restores order to the endocrine, nervous, lymphatic and muscular systems.

Even if some postures develop muscular strength, Swami Purushananda, a former medal-winning swimmer, manages to opt, through the rediscovered bodily power, for a Yoga of holistic development that nourishes the whole being.

A master to follow for training or professional renewal!

OUR TRAINING 2022- 2023

The first year consists of 6 sessions and the second year is mentoring and personalized follow-up. And those who wish to do so can take the 2023 -2024 continuing education course leading to the sacred life mission

Our Philosophy

Swami Purushanandaji offers every 5 years her training in self-development and professional teaching in Hatha Yoga and meditation. The training lasts two years. In the first year, her students can practice and teach Hatha Yoga under her mentorship. The second year is reserved for this mentorship in the field! On this subject, she likes to repeat:

"Any fit balancing artist is capable of performing most of the asanas. The integration of the asanas at the respiratory level is more complex and requires a lot of teaching. And as for teaching it, the qualities of the being and his openness will depend on the right understanding of the way of Patanjali and Shankara. This requires a special focus and mentoring dedicated to deep teaching and energetic power transfer."

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