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I am not able to hear this word anymore!

I know that I will shock you and I also know that you will probably not agree with me but I am not able to hear this word anymore and even less when we speak between so-called spiritual people.

Think that this word is at the center of a marketing of spiritual guides, coaches and shrinks of all kinds and you will guess it without any problem!

This is why I have difficulty even writing it! Imagine my face when I read it on our Facebook media! And imagine my horror when I realize that we are tampering with the meaning and that we are spoiling the writings of great masters by changing their sentences or their poems in favor of this word that they, in fact, hardly used themselves! Without any doubt, they knew and know that this word is at the origin of the most barbaric genocides experienced on our planet, of the most terrifying sects and I even name the sects well hidden behind religious, psychological, medical, accounting, political orders and so on!

Even if I know that most people use this word for the beauty of the term, for the charm that it likes to offer naturally and by itself, I believe that it is time that you also think about it when you write it, read it, see it and even when you think you live it!

Because this word is ingenious! It likes to disguise itself in all sorts of forms! As we know very little about the emotional spectrum that can inhabit or invade us, we confuse it with many other feelings! There are even some who beat their wives, sometimes their husbands and their children with, hanging at the end of the straps of their scathing whips of nauseating words, extreme guilt, rejections, and more often than we think of conscious or unconscious psychological games narcissistic and perverse, this word, written in big letters as you can well imagine it now!

We should free ourselves of the known, that is to say of all the conditioning and fanaticism of which we have been contaminated, of all the rival mimicries (want to be like, like, append this or that person to oneself, seek to fill the void inherent in our loss of meaning, etc.) which mark our existence and permeate us so that this word can be truly named and lived in the transparency of the relationship between individuals: transparency acquired by this work of clear and long and authentic consciousness of and about oneself. And this work, if it can start in a private office, will only be awarded with group work, work on yourself with others, because our brain is above all social!
Cécile Hontoy (Swami Purushananda) quotes Krishnamurti and Jean-Michel Oughourlian quotes Patrice Van Eeersel.

Because this word is too poor a translation of the emotional truth felt, of which only 1% of us are aware, I would like to build a petition to ban it forever. But I know that it will be a waste of time because this word behaves like a new wine each time you pronounce it. It bewitches you, it paints a beautiful and sweet image of you and the worst thing: it excuses and forgives you for your lack of civic-mindedness, of sharing, of kindness, of letting go, of gentleness, of gratitude, of your exceptional violence of being empty and incapable, in short of commitments and truly humanistic efforts without expectation of return!

I know that I shock you! However, I want you to know that I am also shocked because I have really lived, perhaps a long time ago but the scars are still present under this word, the worst atrocities, whether it be deceit, deception, beatings, rapes, forced confinement and so on! So I know that many have lived and still live the same thing with this word hanging and repeated unceasingly in the rictus of the lips of their torturers!

I imagine that you have probably already turned the page on this article, but I dare to repeat that in 40 years of coaching, I have heard horrible stories of love, businesses and families created by this one word whose terrible lures can now be imagined in education, spirituality, business or even politics!

No! I am no longer able to say, to galavant, to take seriously, to hear, to read, to listen to this word that I let you guess now and that I believe we all need to think about.

Cécile Hontoy M.A Bac.(Swami Purushananda)

40 years of professional experience

Director and principal teacher: Purusha School

Stress, yoga, meditation, relaxation, group to counter loneliness)

Professional coach (individual and company) NLP

Trainer and group coach (private and corporate)

Teacher, anthropologist and trainer

Artist, author, motivator, speaker.

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