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Yoga art de vivre dignement par Purusha Hontoy

Yoga: The art of living with dignity

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Yoga the Art of Living Worthily is a master yoga book to get. All yoga instructors will find progressive practices, quality teachings and meditations to give before or after yoga class!

When your whole life is a life of yoga, suddenly you realize how far you've come!

And simply, as a yoga instructor with 40 years of experience, you would like to guide others through it.

This yoga book was written and edited with this in mind.

The chapters of the book yoga the art of living fully and simply written by Cecile-Purusha Hontoy, a yogi teacher with 40 years of experience, are designed as gradual lessons. The difficulties of the asanas, (yoga postures) are divided in each chapter.

Whether you are a teacher, a yoga instructor or a yoga practitioner, this book Yoga the Art of Living Fully and Healthily is a book you should get now.


Each asana (yoga posture) is detailed and reveals its gift of health, strength and awareness.


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