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Accredited training
to become a Hatha yoga teacher
& Meditation

Our world in real transformation is in urgent need of outstanding teachers of the art of living.
Imagine if you could teach stress relief and spiritual classesin your own home and to your friends and relatives.
Imagine that this gives you a return on investment that you can use for your own personal rejuvenation and vacation.
Imagine that it feeds your heart completely.
Our accredited Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training allows you to do this in just one year!
The second year is dedicated to mentoring you in the field of your practice as a new teacher in the art of living.
Don't hesitate! Dare to give your best to the world now! 

yoga art de vivre École purusha


The profession requires tact and talent in human communication. It also requires you toto know the main vital axes of the human body. Blood vessels, bones, ligaments, joints, musculature, etc.
It requires a personal exercise of practice and
of attentive and sensitive listening to your body. The Hatha yoga that I teach is special. It carries and comforts, it trains and motivates, it has been my surprising source of inspiration for 40 years!


 Meditation is and will be the most fascinating catalyst for a better life for all beings! To teach it is to teach a way of reconciliation with oneself allowing a better being and a formidable interior blooming.
The profession requires the ability to adjust the teaching to the client, a good capacity for reflection and self-criticism and also a knowledge of the great masters.
The practice must be daily.

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