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How to live one's life and be even happier in a world that is collapsing?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I leaf through the newspaper. I leaf through it, I don't read it! Why read it? Is there anything to smile about, just a little?

Besides, I never buy the newspaper. Lucky as I am, a good friend of mine graciously gives me articles that might interest me. So, I leaf through the newspaper, I look at the pictures, the headlines! There is really nothing to be happy about!

It seems that the world is collapsing under the bombardments, like the poor Ukraine which can't take the blows for the others anymore!

It seems that there are guns everywhere since Montreal seems to hide madmen who take its alleys for a video game!

It seems that women's rights are going backwards as they are once again forced to keep their unwanted and often unwelcome pregnancies! The broken psyche of the children who will be born with the mark of rejection on their foreheads, the unloved and abandoned of the beginning, does not seem to worry in the least these gentlemen and ladies playing dictatorship with the freedom and the life of others!

I still read how such and such was denounced by such and such, and that such and such an order from this or that in Quebec, in Quebec only, is now ordering the prosecution of the victim who should not have been unaware that the law is the law! I admit, I am a little disgusted to learn all this, in bulk, in the middle of ads for toothpaste, cars, lingerie, make-up!

I sometimes let myself observe the Facebook pages and their endless ads for one or the other. I watch mine too, believe me, and it sometimes makes me want to drop everything! Most of the opinions posted are so stupid, not to mention the spelling mistakes, mine as well as those of others, because we write too fast, we write badly! I think of this North American language that defends itself like an old lady trying to keep her home against all the opinions! In two hundred years, I believe it, the banks of the St. Lawrence will no longer write in French!

I posted a picture of a little dog to see, to tempt the devil maybe. The little dog received 165 likes! Shortly after, I posted a picture of a child. It received only 85 likes. And still! It was not a representation of a child tortured by hunger!

That's it!

That's my post for today! I have nothing else to write!

But I still ask myself questions:

How do I live my life in this crumbling world?

My cat, unconscious, independent, illiterate, lazy and fearful stretches.

I hear him whispering to me, laughing a little in his whiskers:


Swami Purushananda

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