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How to recognize the spiritual excellence of a person?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

As much as it is simple to congratulate someone who is well off with buildings, goods, wealth of all kinds, good health and nice cars by fully recognizing that he or she is on his or her X in terms of material success, it is difficult to recognize a person whose life profile denotes spiritual excellence, that is to say the awakening of happy spontaneity!

Where does this difficulty come from?

Humans are endowed with realism, desires and fear. He chooses to believe in what he sees in the concrete world. Material wealth and full health are visible. They are a guarantee of physical security, social recognition, the possibility of entertainment and the acquisition of leisure activities. Thus, they arouse envy, jealousy and desire by promising dreamers a certain rest and certain pleasures, even if necessarily temporary.

Spiritual excellence, unlike materialist excellence, is difficult to grasp. Its effects are not necessarily materialistic. Our conception of success in this field is completely distorted. Not so long ago in our country, and still today in three quarters of the world, religion, ideology and administrative politics are in a terrible ménage à trois. Earning one's heaven is synonymous with hard work, submission to the semblance of ready-made truths, or the acquisition of material goods, psychic gifts of all kinds and more!

But spiritual excellence is the opposite of this way of thinking. Not that it does not accept this quest for assets, but rather that it does not care about it.

It is enough to contemplate in the spring a tree regaining its green habit in a burst of sunlight to understand.

Lives the spiritual excellence, the person able to dedicate himself essentially to the immediate and humble Presence with the Miracle of Life! In ecclesiastical circles, this state is called transcendence, the State of being-ness! Here, no theory can explain the Awakening of consciousness obtained by this exceptional way of living! It is all a question of happy spontaneity, of mysterious instantaneousness, far beyond the justifications and explanations that the ego of some people would like to believe. Moreover, it naturally reinforces self-esteem and self-confidence, without horrible egotism.

It is very simple, undisguised, unadulterated, completely natural, without any addition.

We must recognize this! We have integrated a materialistic thought to everything that is simply sensitive, beautiful, spontaneous!

The proof of this is unfortunately found in the disastrously genetic research for the most beautiful dog, the most affectionate cat, the most beautiful flower, the best meat cows, not to mention chickens and so many other living things! And how many misguided human beings are looking for their level of excellence outside the natural richness of their soul?

Swami Purushananda

A center for everyone and everywhere in the world!

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