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Do you know the essential metaphysical law of psycho-spiritual help?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I believe that psycho-spirituality will be the next avenue in coaching, helping relationships, listening and advising people, providing services to people, human relations.

In fact, some coaches with NLP and hypnosis training are now trying to enter the fourth generation of coaching! They call it the spiritual coaching generation.

Psychologists of all kinds are now boasting of being human first! This does not prevent them from threatening, in the province of Quebec alone, certain university graduates in sacred anthropology, in teaching, in orientation as well as coaches from respectable private schools (CQPNL), healers and spiritual guides trained in trans-personal schools such as the famous Californian universities. These poor people are then summoned by legal notices in the colors of Nazism to leave their profession! These professionals of holistic health or of the soul walk, according to them, on their territories of scientific and mental intervention too well defined and legalized believe me! As if the intervention to help others had limits! Better as if these wonderfully trained people did not know the limits! For this, for their secret and Machiavellian plans, they do not hesitate at all to incite the population to denounce!

What is comforting in their boastfulness and foolish research is their complete ignorance of the spiritual world. And in order to enter it, it will be necessary for them to make an act of contrition, to turn back, to define themselves no longer as holders of a closed knowledge, but rather precisely as divine and open first. Here, metaphysical laws deceive no one! Whoever plays with the devil's face and invites him to his table, will not be surprised by the disastrous results in his own life. Thus no one can enter the divine kingdom without knowing and therefore living consciously, intimately and socially according to the metaphysical laws of the Order of Good and Good. And this way of living in wisdom requires a terrible overcoming of what I call the little self first!

This surpassing of oneself is obtained far from the universities, in a secret and initiatory universe, fortunately well hidden, allowing us to deposit our "I" in the center of the temple of the fourth dimension. It will require on the one hand the death of the ego, the exposure of the vulnerable identity and on the other hand the reunion with the Self, the marriage, oh so humble, with the world of service to the selfless other. And here, the photographs showing the so-called altruistic acts are not appropriate!

This first passage to the world of the sacred is to be handled with care. For, this metaphysical dimension results in a state of grace opening onto true spiritual gifts.

The first metaphysical law is called the law of grace. It is symbolized by the image of the inner child. This friend of the soul carries within himself the openness and trust in life and in otherness.

Here, there is no longer a territory of one's own, reserved for what we call the intellectual elite or others, but rather a common Earth and the awareness of beneficial cooperation between all. Here, territories are abolished and there is no denunciation possible! The Nazi state decreed by the shrinks in the name of their insufficiency loses its ambiguous rights.

The Grace, which is considered by the natural man as a gift which comes to him from an external Divine, is for the initiatic man the access to the conscience of the interior God, of his own being. Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

What this master of Zen thought means describes the first of the metaphysical laws. Whoever wants to enter the kingdom of divine gifts must clothe himself with the garments of grace.

And how better to describe spiritual grace than in the very words of the Lord Jesus?

Truly, I say to you, whoever is not like one of these children will not be able to enter the kingdom of God! (Jesus, son of the Carpenter)

If you do not die to this profane world demanding clubs like lies and lack of solidarity, you will remain with these old men's clothes filled with heavy, deceitful beliefs and fears and lack of goodness, sincerity and therefore human wisdom.

You will continue to be ready to kill, to condemn, to judge, to steal the ideas of others, to imitate identities and to bring some Do-gooders sometimes to the doors of suicide! This is, and I don't think I'm wrong, the result of malicious and egotistical cooperation with one of the faces of the Devil! This face particularly reflects the unhealthy spirit of the sectarian possession of a certain knowledge and, in the human domain, of the intervention in helping people!

Whether we are coaches, helpers, health professionals, this first metaphysical law leading to psycho-spiritual intervention will have to be crossed at the risk of remaining only words, advice, so-called empty soul guides and unfortunately without light!

Cécile-Purusha Hontoy, author and speaker

trainer and teacher,

yogi with a 40-year career

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